Specialists in Variable Rate Technology

VRT Solutions helps growers get better results by utilising EM and gamma mapping, soil testing and yield processing.

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EM Soil Surveying

VRT Solutions specialise in Dual EM and gamma soil surveying

  • Maintain or improve crop yields where inputs are managed with soil needs
  • Reduction in over application of inputs in areas that have little or no requirement or return
  • A one time investment for life, EM and gamma soil collection does not need to be repeated
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Precision Agriculture

VRT Solutions are Precision Agriculture experts

  • Yield processing utilises the data you already have
  • Airborne & Satellite Imagery allows cost effective analysis of biomass imagery and data
  • Elevation & Drainage mapping helps in planning and mitigating issues associated with differences in elevation and drainage
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Return on Investment

Most clients recoup the cost of mapping within 2 years

Reduced Input Costs

Most clients see a reduction in their input costs

Lasts A Lifetime

EM and gamma data lasts a lifetime, a one time investment for continuous benefit

Scott Thompson, Broomehill

VRT Solutions has helped us over the past 3 years to save on soil and nutritional inputs without affecting production

Ken Wright, Dumbleyung

VRT Solutions makes precision farming easy, logical solutions with a straightforward approach. We required a simple and effective approach to our variable rate plans, and VRT Solutions delivered

Rob Bell, The Plains

Prescription maps made by VRT Solutions which were based on EM data, reduced our lime spending by 40%, a significant financial saving

Where does VRT Solutions operate?

Based in Esperance (Western Australia), VRT Solutions covers areas of the wheatbelt which are south of the great eastern highway, mostly focussing on the Esperance port zone and Great Southern region.

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I am interested! Where do I start? How do I start?

Firstly, get in touch. Yield data is a valuable and cheap source of data which can indicate variability across your farm. VRT Solutions offers solutions and options for utilisation of this data, and this can only be optimised on a case by case basis, ensuring that you don’t waste time and money on information which will not pay you back.

Secondly, understand that VRT Solutions offers a systematic and logical approach to dealing with farm variability. This is normally hand in hand with a better understanding of soil types and rainfall zones, and working with your agronomy consultancy can prove extremely beneficial for long term outcomes.


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