VRT Solutions specialise in Dual EM and Gamma Radiometric soil surveying

Mapping Soils for Precision Farming

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Precise Insights

EM and Gamma Radiometric surveys optimize nutrient application, enhancing crop growth efficiency

Resource Efficiency

Targeted data minimizes input waste, promoting sustainable practices and maximise lime and gypsum efficacy

Risk Mitigation

Identify soil, salt, or water issues for proactive crop health management

Profitability and Sustainability

Maximise the best opportunities to profit with sustainability in mind

EM and Gamma Radiometric Survey Benefits

EM and Gamma Radiometric sensors build upon the targeted soil samples and provide continuous spatial information that is calibrated with the soil sample data. Together, these two data sources provide a comprehensive picture of the soil's physical, chemical and biological attributes.

The combination of these methods allows for highly informed decision-making in agriculture, land management, and environmental protection. It leads to a greater understanding of the soil's capacity to support life and its role in broader ecological systems.

VRT Solutions are Precision Agriculture Experts

Harnessing Technology for Advanced Farming Solutions

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Yield Mapping

Utilise existing data for building VR nutrition application strategies

Skyward Insights

Affordable biomass analysis through satellite imagery

Terrain Mastery

Elevate planning with Elevation & Drainage mapping, resolving water and salt issues

Precision Agriculture Experts

Beyond building a solid foundation through targeted soil sampling and EM and Gamma Radiometric surveying, VRT Solutions can utilise existing yield data, leverage Airborne & Satellite Imagery for cost-effective biomass analysis and provide Elevation & Drainage mapping to assist in planning and problem-solving related to differences in elevation and drainage.

These integrated approaches make VRT Solutions experts in the field, optimizing farming practices and resource management.

VRT Solutions Provides Actionable Insights

Building Success with Timely, Actionable Knowledge

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VRT Solutions offers steadfast support, turning insights into tangible benefits for each farming season


Prompt delivery of insights by VRT Solutions ensures farmers are prepared well ahead of the next agricultural cycle


Empowering farmers with precision tools, VRT Solutions makes every insight actionable for optimal growth

Supported From Start To Finish

VRT Solutions remains committed to ongoing support. We offer guidance throughout the implementation process, ensuring that the actionable insights translate into real, tangible benefits for the next season.

Recognizing the importance of timing in agriculture, VRT Solutions prioritizes the prompt delivery of actionable insights. This enables farmers to plan and make essential adjustments before the next season begins, ensuring a seamless transition and optimized growth.

VRT Solutions' commitment to precision, customization, and timely support equips farmers with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions for the coming season. Their holistic approach, integrating state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of agricultural needs, ensures that the results are not just theoretical but directly applicable.

Where do VRT Solutions operate?

Based in Esperance (Western Australia), VRT Solutions covers all areas of the Wheatbelt.

VRT Solutions has helped us over the past 3 years to save on soil and nutritional inputs without affecting production
– Scott Thompson, Broomehill
VRT Solutions makes precision farming easy, logical solutions with a straightforward approach. We required a simple and effective approach to our variable rate plans, and VRT Solutions delivered
– Ken Wright, Dumbleyung
Prescription maps made by VRT Solutions which were based on EM data, reduced our lime spending by 40%, a significant financial saving
– Rob Bell, The Plains

Contact Us

VRT Solutions is based in the coastal town of Esperance in Western Australia. Our office is located on Dempster Street, just a short walk from the town centre.